Schedule of Events


 April 22 ~ Sunday ~ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Most of us have had an experience of being totally bummed out by something only to find out later... that it actually happened just the way it was supposed to.  

Example: The road is closed ahead of you forcing you to detour, and later you find out there was a bad accident and you were spared. This new mantra, "find the silver lining faster"... is changing my life ++ other tools to realize choices. 

Seating limited ~ RSVP necessary. 


May 12 ~ Saturday ~ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

A demonstration of an exciting and fun way to get to know more about your horse and ways to establish a stronger partnership between the two of you. Limited to 4 horses, room for all observers. w/Larimer County Horseman's Association.


May 20th ~ Sunday ~ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

These magnificent creatures come in all sizes but they trigger the most basic responses available to most of us: love and/or fear. A sentence that I hear all the time goes some thing like this, "Oh, I am so afraid of them but I would really love to actually touch a horse." But did you know that being with a horse can lower your blood pressure, can give you new perspective on a current issue, and make you smile all at the same time. They can!!  Please RSVP.

Camp Unplugged

Session One - June 11th - 15th

Session Two - July 16th - 20th


Put down your device and hug a horse! Having worked with adolescents for over two decades, we believe that in today’s world, as all seem to be attached to a cell phone or other electronic device constantly. 

At CAMP UNPLUGGED we invite kids to tune out of their devices and turn on to the connection to animals to learn the importance of a heart felt communication, caring, and leadership. They will learn all aspects of health and wellness of their equine partners. It is NOTa riding camp.