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Annette Price grew up in Missouri and spent a lot of time on the family farm. She was already head over heels love with horses when Grandpa Chester brought home their first pony, Bobby. She credits her family with developing her passion for humor and notes that she comes from a long line of fisherman, which led her straight into being a story teller. She moved to Colorado in 1973 and has been in love with its beautiful country and varied terrain ever since. She has been a residential real estate appraiser for twenty five years and owner of her own shop for most of those years.

Annette is certified in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and is now leading workshops and offering one-on-one coaching sessions, either with the horses or over the telephone. “I have spent the last twenty years on a spiritual journey to try and make sense of this world and my place in it.” She has studied with teachers from around the world and considers herself a seeker and a gatherer of fascinating new ideas. Life has not always been easy, the road was often thigh-high in mud and the weather violent ~ but she believes in investing the time to search for the Light and Love which are the only true answers.

Along the way she has become a Reiki Master, studied Classical Chinese Medicine and its 5 Element theories, Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanic journey work, and Etheric Clearing ~ which all work on horses as well as humans. She completed a year long study at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies and has a passion for medicine making and eating wild foods. The study of CCM cemented in her the idea that what you consider to be your most tragic flaw is typically your greatest asset, or at the very least, the key to open the portal to understanding.

She has been writing all of her life. Along with six other writers, she has self published two books of memoir, including a cookbook, Food and What Feeds Us.  It is not only about our physical needs, but speaks to the spiritual and emotional needs of the human condition as well. Please visit her blog at

Around the farm, she basically takes care of what Magic does not (see Meet the Critters) and is thrilled to be in partnership with her wonderful horse, Lakota, and the little donkeys, Hilde and Penny. 

On the Wings of a Horse is the result of my years of practical study, coupled with a strong desire to make a difference in my world, and my passion for the strength and beauty of my horse buddies.  

Finding and enrolling in Melisa Pearce’s Touched By A Horse Certification Program and learning the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method ™, has been a dream come true and a life changing event for me. I have likened this program to a basket that holds all of the life long learning and adventures that I have experienced. Plus it has taught me Gestalt theory and coaching methods which have added more direction and focus to my healing practices.

And how do horses fit into this scenario? Horses have an amazing ability to read the energy of everything that comes their way. It was absolutely necessary to their thousands of years of survival to become the magnificent creatures that we love today. For large as they may be, they are prey animals; creatures that are hunted by predators. We, as human beings, have hunted and enslaved horses for much of our history together.

My horse, Lakota, has been teaching me a new way of interacting with her that has quietly woven into other arenas of my life, and enriched my personal journey on earth in ways that I never dreamed were possible. She is an amazing teacher.  I will be forever in her debt.

** It is my belief that horses have the ability, as well as the desire, to help us heal our      wounded souls through their wisdom and their loving hearts.

** It is my desire to introduce the horse as I view them, as the wisdom carrying     

     sentient beings that they truly are.

** It is my goal to help those of the human persuasion ~ to open your heart to the  

     healing powers of the horse and experience another way of walking on this earth.

We invite you to join us on this journey. 


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