Meet the Critters


Many years ago, one of my teachers called Lakota “a healing horse." At that time I had no idea what she meant, and I am still learning today. 

She is a spotted bay, registered Missouri Fox Trotter, full of verve and vinegar sweetened by an abundance of Love and Gentleness. She has been my friend and my teacher for over ten years and now we enter into this Gestalt work as partners. She comes to this work naturally. One look into her large kind eye and you will realize the depth of her wisdom.

Penny and Hilde are Lakota’s new herd mates. They are miniature donkeys and almost too cute to believe. Penny is older, shorter and has a brownish tinge to her coat. Hilde came to us as a two year old, many shades of grey, and is the personification of childlike curiosity. They have already shown us that they are ready “to do this work” and we look forward to years of learning from them as well as the meditation of “stroking a donkey’s ear” when permitted.

Magic is our resident feline farm manager. Besides being very beautiful and very wise, she has many important duties: keeping down the mice population, strolling the grounds, and demonstrating the importance of nap time, preferably lying in a patch of sunlight. The world feels like softer place with her purring in your lap, and besides, you can never have too much magic in your life! 






Penny & Hilde


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