Words from Others


Bringing in the Wild Workshop

What a wonderful day being with you and the circle of women!

Thank you so much for sharing Lakota with me. I will never forget her breathing and gentleness. I do believe she licked my hands to help heal them!! She knew I needed some help there. I am so glad she let me hug her and pet her.

The sharing circle at the beginning was powerful. You are such a sensitive, loving, enthusiastic teacher. I always love field trips so visiting the variety of plants and picking and tasting them was pure fun.

Thank you for offering this special class. Any time I can learn more about wild plants and animals, I feel blessed. May you find sweet success, you deserve it.
AT. Erie. CO

Camp Unplugged

I would like to say thank you for bringing Camp Unplugged to the town of Platteville. My daughter learned a lot from the experience. She has learned how to take care of animals as well as to be understanding of their feelings. The experience will follow her in life. She is looking forward to next summer. As a parent I am looking forward to more programs for children in Platteville with animals and nature. Thank You
J /Platteville , CO

The camp was a great experience for (my daughter) to get out of the house, away from electronics and be involved with nature. She loved learning about what plants she can eat and taking care of animals, especially her favorite horse, Mr G. See you next year!
A / Platteville, CO 

My boys had a great time at camp. They learned compassion towards animals and nature. They got to be up close with animals that they don't normally get to see. This was such a great experience for them that I am definitely having them sign  up for camp next year. They don't get to experience this anywhere else.
JJ /Platteville, CO

Coaching Sessions

I didn't know what to expect and am so happy with the insights revealed to me by these intuitive and soul-filled animals!  I felt an instant connection with my horse who really guided me toward understanding myself and my needs with a simple clarity that was instantly accessible. I appreciate so much the opportunity to spend time with these lovely horses and thoughtful facilitators. Thank you!

My experience with Lakota and Annette were fantastic. I learned a lot about myself and was amazed at how intuitive the horse was to my situations. She helped me dispel a lot of negative energy and replenish myself with healing light. Thanks for this wonderful experience.

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