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Transformational Solutions

Please email me for a free 30-minute discovery session to explore personal options.

Now Offering

  • Phone Coaching

  • Hands-on-a-Horse ~ 1-on-1 equine-partnered sessions with our healing herd

  • Corporate Retreats ~ Team building tailored to your business. 

  • 1 Day Retreats:

                           ~ Bring in the JOY

                           ~ Find the silver-lining faster

                           ~ Empowerment issues

                           ~ Finding your inner voice (and how to trust it)

                           ~ and more. . .

  • Camp Unplugged ~ Summer of 2019 and we are celebrating our fifth year of offering our summer camp in Platteville. It is a Horse and Nature camp that focuses on improving self-esteem, energy-awareness, and communication skills - but don't tell the kids - they believe we are just having fun!! For ages 8 - 12

  • Unplug & Rejuvenate ~  Ages 20 – 120 (RSVP to hold your space) 

                   1-day retreat for Mom’s (and Dad's) = “a summer camp experience”

  • Drop-In Gestalt ~ 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 6-9 pm. 

                   I am hooked on gestalt, which means I am committed to finding those areas in my life         

                   that are not working the way I want, and exploring how to bring more joy and 

                   abundance into my life. Got anything to work on? You will be amazed how much fun 

                   this can be !! 

                   ((May 1 & 15; June 5 & 19; July 3 & 17, Aug 7 & 21; Sept 4, Oct 2 & 16 ……..))


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